The Fields Pretoria

5th June 2023

Post-graduation: What happens now?

Congratulations on graduating! In the words of Mr West (Yeezy- Ye – Donda himself) “Welcome to graduation”. We know how tough it is to navigate life […]
21st January 2022

Trendy Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover Tips

It’s that time of year again. You have enjoyed a long, hopefully relaxing varsity break. Sadly this is going to be one of the longest vacations […]
3rd September 2021

A Simple Exercise Routine For Students

Remember those days when you’d always sit in front of a computer or have your head stuck in a textbook studying? And by those days we […]
4th August 2021

Sport can Teach us so Much

Shaun Rimer

Champions are Created (not Born) Inspiration As our country emerges from the devastating effects of Covid-19 and the impact it has on all of us and […]
23rd July 2021

Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World

Shaun Rimer

The noise. When will it stop? It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world! Words from the song of the same name written in 1989 by South African […]
15th July 2021

Unlock lockdown

Shaun Rimer

Wasn’t life great when it was just a beer? We thought it was all over; we emerged from “prison Corona” in the summer sun. Ready to […]
2nd July 2021

Things that make you go … really?

Shaun Rimer

Being responsible and staying safe is no fun. Even staring at your phone can be boring, new love interest or not! That will not stop you, […]
29th June 2021

What were they thinking?

Shaun Rimer

It’s Ba…ack ☹ Like Arnie, terrible movie remakes and shocking trends, Covid is back. Do we even have to say it? All we know is we’re […]
15th June 2021

The First Wealth is Health (Part 3)

Shaun Rimer

Carbs, Carbs, everywhere there’s Carbs Recap In the first and second blog posts in this series “First Wealth is Health” our intention was to put you […]