28th April 2022

Decorating your room on a budget

Decorating your room When you leave home to go study the first thing you are going to want to do is decorate your room to reflect […]
26th April 2022

Getting a good night’s sleep

When people think of studying and student life they often think about the socialising and partying that goes along with it. In fact it’s common knowledge […]
14th April 2022

Top 7 tips for conquering homesickness

After the initial excitement wears off it’s easy for new students staying far from home to start feeling homesick. Missing your family and friends is a […]
5th April 2022

Six tips to creating the perfect study space

Your days studying are going to be some of the best of your life. You will make new friends, discover new hobbies and create memories that […]
1st April 2022

Best ways to stay awake while studying

Let’s set the scene It’s Thursday evening 7:00pm, you’re exhausted. The week has been insane and you still have a day to go. You’ve endured but […]
9th March 2022

The Art of Googling – 8 ways to your best results ever

Perspective To provide perspective on why you need help to reach the best sources of information, we are going to use some numbers: Sites on the […]
25th February 2022

How to get ready for your big move

Moving tips for a pain-free move The big move is finally here. The Fields is set as your assigned destination. Let’s be frank (and no that […]
17th February 2022

There’s an app for that, University Students’ Edition

Need support? First-year or Senior reach out! Welcome back to our blog. This post is the second in the series that started with “Last minute tips […]
27th January 2022

Last minute tips to a smooth start for first year students

It’s the final countdown It’s 2022 and as the “one hit wonder” band Europe said in their 1986 song played every New Year’s Eve a minute […]