22nd May 2023

How to make the most of your student accommodation experience

Advice on how to get involved in your community, make friends, and take advantage of everything your accommodation has to offer. As a university student, living […]
15th May 2023

Dealing with anxiety, stress and loneliness

You are not alone in having these feelings As a student, you may find yourself dealing with a variety of emotions on a daily basis. While […]
2nd May 2023

Saving money

Tips for cutting costs and making the most of your budget For many students, living in student accommodation is a convenient and affordable option for their […]
17th April 2023

The benefits of living in student accommodation

Why it’s better to stay at The Fields rather than renting a flat or staying in res When it comes to university living arrangements, there are […]
10th April 2023

Balancing academics and social life

Tips for managing your time and staying focused while still enjoying yourself For many university students, balancing academics and social life can be a challenging task. […]
3rd April 2023

Study hotspots in and around Hatfield, Pretoria

Hatfield is a bustling suburb of Pretoria, home to the University of Pretoria and a vibrant student community. If you are just looking for a quiet […]
22nd March 2023

Exploring Pretoria’s entertainment options for students

As the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria is home to a diverse range of entertainment options for university students. Whether you’re looking for a night […]
13th March 2023

The University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria, also known as UP, is one of South Africa’s premier research-intensive universities. Founded in 1908, the university has grown to become one […]
3rd March 2023

Different Learning Styles and How to Apply Them to Your Study Space

Learning styles refer to the ways in which individuals absorb, process, and retain information. Understanding your own learning style can help you create a study space […]