28th August 2023

Sparkling Spaces: Cleaning Tips for University Students

Hey there, it is us – we’re back! We get it – juggling classes, socialising, and maybe even a part-time job can leave little time for […]
21st August 2023

Reasons to Consider Furthering Your Studies After Graduation

Hey there, graduates! A big congratulations on reaching this major milestone in your academic journey! You’ve done it, and we’re super proud of each and every […]
14th August 2023

Lessons from pop culture, Barbie and Oppenheimer: A Groovy Tale of Two Icons

We’re coming at you live from the two most roared-about movies in the past few months (apart from our ‘Loc Little Mermaid’ of course). Today, we’re […]
26th July 2023

Uni survival guide: 10 Student Accommodation living tips

Having a good time, making new friends, and having loud campus get-togethers and programmes are universally associated with university life. Many people would presume that uni […]
19th July 2023

New semester, New you

The mid-year has finally set in and with it comes a whole new semester. If you are like many students it also means making new resolutions […]
10th July 2023

Affordable and easy meals: Savoury Mince and Rice

Today, we’re coming at you live from the kitchen counter; your pots are calling! There comes a time in every student’s journey when you realise that […]
19th June 2023

Managing personal change – Here’s how to do it

As a student, managing personal change can be a challenging task. Whether it’s transitioning to a new routine (post-graduation), dealing with a breakup, or adjusting to […]
12th June 2023

Podcasts you should be listening to in 2023

For many people, podcasts have become an essential part of their lives. Whether you’re commuting to campus, working out, or just taking a break; podcasts can […]
5th June 2023

Post-graduation: What happens now?

Congratulations on graduating! In the words of Mr West (Yeezy- Ye – Donda himself) “Welcome to graduation”. We know how tough it is to navigate life […]