Don’t be a watt-waster, be an energy master

May 08, 2024

With winter around the corner, we’ll start using more electricity. On cold days we want to be comfortable in our apartments with heaters, electric blankets and warm hearty meals.

This month is Energy Month. Over the last couple of years we’ve been experiencing an energy crisis, and globally we’ve seen record energy prices and soaring carbon emissions – placing significant financial pressure on households and our planet.

We need to become more energy efficient and create a more sustainable future. Below are a couple of measures we can introduce in our daily lives that will be kind to our purses too:

Use heat-retaining slow cookers

After bringing a pot of food to the boil, place it in an insulation cooker. These wonder bags will continue cooking without any additional energy source.

Mindful usage goes a long way

Boiling the kettle with just enough water, running full loads in laundry machines and using sunshine to dry clothes can substantially reduce your utility consumption.

Replace bulbs

Use energy-saving LED light bulbs that use six times less electricity.

Should you replace a light bulb, please chat to your building manager as they’ll guide you how to safely dispose of any globes or other electrical waste. We have Reclite boxes at most of our properties. Reclite safely collect, transport and recycle globes, electrical cables, appliances as well as laptops and printers in a responsible, safe and compliant manner.

Use cold(er) water

Wash your clothes in cold water. Not only does it safe energy but it also keeps your clothes from fading – double score!

Know your devices’ appetite for electricity

Knowing how much electricity use per month is useful, but take some time and check how much electricity each of your devices use. By using a smaller device instead of the larger energy-hungry one, you’re employing energy efficiency. For example, use an air fryer instead of your oven – you’ll save electricity and its healthier. Remember to unplug devices when you’re not using it.

This is not an exhaustive list but there’s hopefully one thing you can put into practice immediately.

Starting this month, let’s find a way to do the same task with less energy.

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