Preparing For Your University Exams: Part Two

October 29, 2023

Howzit, fellow South African university students!

As we’ve deduced last week, exams can be a rollercoaster ride, but with a bit of ‘gees’ (enthusiasm) and smart preparation, you can surf the waves of studying and come out on top. Whether you’re from Jozi, Durban, Pitori or the Mother City, these tips will help you conquer those university exams.
*Just a tip: this is a continuation of last week’s blog, which you can find here

    1. Minimize Distractions

Find a quiet and comfortable place to study, free from distractions like your phone, social media, or noisy roommates. Consider using website blockers to keep you on track.
This is also a perfect time to get productivity apps like The Forest App (yes, it’s free)

  1. Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your lecturers or academic tutors if you’re struggling with a particular topic. They’re there to help and can provide valuable guidance and resources.

  1. Revise Strategically

Focus your revision on the topics you find most challenging. Don’t just reread your notes; actively recall and apply the information. Use mnemonic devices, flashcards, or mind maps to aid memory retention.
You can even use apps like GoConqr, which provide platforms for students to develop, understand, and learn key concepts, topics, and subject matters. Create engaging content with their mind maps, quizzes, flashcards, and slides. Plus, you can share your content with friends, study groups, strangers or opt to keep it private.

  1. Stay Positive

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but maintaining a positive attitude can make a big difference. Celebrate small victories, reward yourself after study sessions, and remind yourself why you’re pursuing your degree in the first place.

The actual exam

  1. Exam Day Preparation

On the big day, arrive at the exam venue with ample time to spare. Bring all the required stationery, identification, and a bottle of water. Take a few deep breaths and stay calm.

  1. Manage Your Time Wisely

Read all the questions carefully and allocate time to each section according to the marks available. Don’t dwell too long on a single question; move on and return to it later if necessary.

  1. Review Your Work

Before submitting your exam, double-check your answers. Make sure you’ve answered all the questions, and review your essay or calculations for errors.
Remember, you’ve got this! Uni exams can be challenging, but with determination, preparation, and a bit of spirit, you’ll tackle them head-on. Good luck, and may your results be as bright as the South African sun (because what is this weather? Why is it so hot?)


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