Podcasts you should be listening to in 2023

June 12, 2023

For many people, podcasts have become an essential part of their lives. Whether you’re commuting to campus, working out, or just taking a break; podcasts can provide you with valuable insights, perspectives, and information. Moreover, unlike traditional forms of media; podcasts are usually free and easy to access. 

Podcasts are audio episodes that can be downloaded and listened to at your convenience. They’re typically around 30 minutes long and can be about any topic imaginable. Whether you’re interested in hearing about the latest news, learning about a new hobby, or just want to relax while someone reads you your favourite fable; there’s a podcast for you.

In addition to being a great way to relax, podcasts can also be a powerful tool for personal growth. They can help you learn new things, challenge your beliefs, and expand your horizons. If you’re looking for a way to improve your life, here are some of the best podcasts (in South Africa and in no particular order, we’re not about to catch strays) to check out.

The Gareth Cliff Show

Hosted by Gareth Cliff and his team, The Gareth Cliff Show on CliffCentral.com features discussions on a wide range of topics, including current events, politics, entertainment, and social issues. The show often features guest interviews with prominent figures from various fields, including celebrities, politicians, and activists. It’s everything, everywhere, all at once (and no, we don’t mean the movie). The various shows on the website could also help you finish off those assignments or, ideally, make you the smartest person in the room. Give it a try, we promise that you won’t regret it!

True Crime South Africa 

This is for all the people who love true crime content; yes, we’re looking out for you too! True Crime South Africa is a popular podcast that focuses on true crime stories that have occurred in South Africa. The podcast covers a wide range of true crime stories including; murder cases, disappearances, and other intriguing criminal incidents that have taken place in South Africa.

The host, Nicole Engelbrecht, typically researches the cases extensively, often including interviews with experts, investigators, and sometimes even family members or individuals directly involved in the cases. The podcast aims to provide listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the crimes; exploring the investigative process, legal aspects, and the impact on victims and society.

Malome’s Mic with Thato Rampedi

Ekse Shap Fede! Malome’s Mic sees host, Thato Rampedi, take on various segments that focus on the learnings of his upbringing, commentary on the lives of young black men, and navigating life. He hosts the show with his best friends, Tladi and Lucas. Their comedic twist gives the show its sweet spot. The fresh perspective (and laughs) from his podcast are what makes it a gem; the therapy we all need after a rough day on campus!

Wisdom & Wellness by Mpoomy Ledwaba

Mpoomy Ledwaba is a South African social media influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur. She is known for her presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where she shares content related to motherhood, lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Apart from this, she’s the sister that we all wish we had – right? 

The Wisdom & Wellness Podcast is a platform where Mpoomy Ledwaba aims to build deep connections with her guests and audience through powerful and relevant conversations. She mainly engages in life lessons, unique journeys, and inspiring listeners and alike to be the best versions of themselves. We completely stan and this podcast is one for the books!

Lesser Known Somebodies

Simmi Areff started Lesser Known Somebodies when his, at the time, radio station bosses wouldn’t put him on the air anymore, he then decided to just do it all, himself. Lesser Known Somebodies is centered around telling unknown stories about prominent figures worldwide. It also goes through an exploration of the ever-growing comedy scene in SA. The show “Lesser Known Somebodies” is about telling the unknown stories of prominent figures worldwide. The show goes through an exploration of the ever-growing comedy scene in South Africa. Check out his interesting topics of discussion. It’s giving Podcast and Chill that it is quite toned down; so be sure to check it out. 

Podcast and Chill with MacG

There’s no way we wouldn’t mention the current reigning king of the SA podcast space… MacG is known for his entertaining and insightful podcasts; why not dive into the world of podcasts and have a chill session? It is more of a laid-back podcast that offers entertainment (and the occasional shock value) rather than educational content. Though commonly under public scrutiny for their controversial episodes, the host also launched Chillers Market, a platform for businesses to promote products or services.

This is for when you’ve had a pretty long day, want to catch up with the latest trends (inserts gossip), and want to know how certain individuals rose to the top. 

Podcasts can be a valuable and enriching experience for everyone. and we believe that there’s a podcast out there for everyone! The specific benefits of listening to podcasts can vary depending on the genre, topic, and individual preferences. It’s important to explore different podcasts and find the ones that align with your interests and goals. The choice is all yours! 

Speaking of choice; The Fields gives you the freedom to choose. We’re passionate about creating inspired living spaces that suit our community’s lifestyle. Students and working professionals can focus on pursuing their dreams while we take care of the rest. Why don’t you make us your next choice? 

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