Money saving tips

September 08, 2022

As a student you may already have a part time job, but with the way prices are going and the fact that you are unable to work full-time you will definitely find yourself wishing you had just a little more money a lot of the time.

With that in mind here are nine ways you can save money that you may not already have considered.

Take advantage of student discount

Your student card is about to become your best friend. Many companies, events and services offer cheaper prices for those who are studying and your student card will get you access to those discounts. Apart from getting you into clubs, bars, museums and attractions cheaper companies like Apple and Microsoft also sometimes offer significant discounts to students. All of this is not always immediately obvious though, so get used to asking if discounts are on offer.

White vinegar

Cleaning grade white vinegar is the secret that cleaning product companies don’t want you to know. Mixing one part vinegar with three parts water and adding in a dash of essential oil in a spray bottle makes a perfect multi-purpose cleaner. It’s also the perfect descaler for kettles, can get rid of stains in the toilet and shower and can even replace fabric softener if you put a small cup in the conditioning tray. 

Don’t buy new text books

New textbooks are just about the single most expensive thing you can buy as a student, so don’t buy them. Look out for adverts from students who studied your courses last year and who are selling the books on, or put adverts up on campus listing which books you would like to buy to attract people into parting with the things they no longer need. At the end of the year, you can then put up an advert of your own and sell those books on again, often for what you paid for them.

Buy a flask

A good thermos flask can be pretty pricey, but what’s even more expensive is all those coffees you find yourself buying to drink with friends on the lawns or cafes on campus. By simply investing in a flask and making coffee at home you could cut that expense to absolutely zero and save yourself from waiting in the queues as well.

Cook in bulk

If you have a freezer the best way to save money on food is to cook in bulk. Head to the grocery store with an open mind and consider buying food that is on special. If you buy and cook in bulk and then freeze portions you will always have food on hand when you need it and will save money on not having to eat out as well.

Join a club

University clubs are some of the best parts of campus life. Joining a club will put you in contact with a lot of people who share your interests and the sign-up fees are generally much cheaper than the same thing out in the real world.

Buy a mesh laundry bag

It won’t be obvious at first but putting your delicate items in a mesh laundry bag is definitely going to save you money in the long run. Things like underwear, bras, and swimming costumes become easily damaged in washing machines and simply by putting them in a mesh bag you will prevent them from becoming torn and stretched by your tougher clothes and ultimately make them all last so much longer.

Start Hiking

If you haven’t started hiking you may not have truly considered all the benefits. Firstly, there is the open air, the gorgeous views and the fact that you are getting healthier, but secondly, there is the fact that hiking is generally totally free. Why pay for entertainment that costs you a fortune when you could actually spend your Saturday hiking out in the wilderness for the cost of nothing more than the coffee you put in a thermos and a few sandwiches? Still not into it? Well, there are plenty of other activities you can take part in that don’t cost anything too. Local attractions, parks, libraries and museums are often free too and a good way to spend time relaxing without spending money.

Share with friends

You are out and living on your own, but this doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy every tool, appliance and piece of equipment possible. The benefit of living at The Fields is that you have plenty of neighbours who are just like you. While you are a student it’s perfectly acceptable to borrow their things and let them use yours at the same time. If you do buy something you know people will need, let them know you are happy for them to use it and ask around to borrow their stuff before you even think of going to the shops to get it for yourself.

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