Six websites every student should know about

July 21, 2022

In an increasingly digital world where there are digital resources for everyone, no matter their background, it will come as no surprise that there are sites specifically designed to make student life better.

And we don’t just mean physical sites like . From websites that help improve your notes to others that make eating healthy simple, these are the sites we think every student should know about.

The Student Room

With almost two million subscribers this is the largest community of students in the world. Including a Wiki and a forum, students can discuss absolutely anything to do with student life and find advice on subjects as diverse as their subjects to their experiences. It also includes a great section on revision advice and university application advice.


Never has taking notes or jotting down quick thoughts been as easy. Evernote is a website that allows you to keep note of your ideas, projects, and lists and make them accessible across all your different smart devices, a valuable addition for anyone, but critical as a student.

Food For Thought

If you find student life is getting on top of your health and you are feeling a little bit worse for wear, then Food For Thought may just be the answer.  Whether you’ve got a headache, are stressed, struggling to sleep or struggling with your concentration just head to this site to discover which foods to eat to get you feeling your very best again.


With information being so available online plagiarism has never been more rampant at universities. As a result university professors have turned to Turnitin to catch plagiarists and find out where those great turns of phrases in first year essays are coming from. Students then started checking their own essays through the site to see where they could get caught. Now, however, Turnitin has evolved once again to not only check for originality but also give great, educational feedback. By simply using Turnitin students can now improve their own writing, reference better and ultimately do better on their essays.


Speaking of accurate references, EasyBib is a great site to use if you want to make sure your references are done in the correct format and style and that they point readers in the direction of your sources. Designed for those who need to write references to websites, all you need to do with EasyBib is copy and paste the website URL into the tool bar, or search for it through the finder and EasyBib will generate your accurate citation in whichever popular format you choose

Keep Me Out

Need to study, but keep finding yourself distracted by your phone? The app Keep Me Out is the ideal solution. Downloading the app allows users to lock themselves out of the websites of their choosing for as long as is required. Want to study for an hour without interruption? Now you can, simply by typing in the names of sites that are most distracting to you and setting 60 minutes on the timer. Incidentally this also helps those who find themselves dangerously staring at their phones when driving.

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