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October 12, 2021

South Africa only has 26 public universities. Including six former Technikons now called Universities of Technology.

South Africa’s geographic population distribution means that the requirement for on-campus residences grossly outstrips supply, now and for the foreseeable future. This allowed an opportunity for off-campus student accommodation like The Fields in Pretoria.

Towards the end of the 1990s and into the early 2000s, apartments near university campuses were being converted into student accommodation. In theory, this is a win-win situation. A new industry creates jobs and adds millions in tax revenue.

It’s not that simple, unfortunately

The principle sounds good, but as we all know when there is money to be made, there are unscrupulous players. These players bought completely neglected apartment buildings, some office blocks, and partitioned the space into tiny rooms barely large enough to fit a single bed. Basics such as toilets and running water were almost non-existent and the facilities that existed were not maintained. University authorities and law enforcement worked to eradicate these slumlords and put them out of business. Unfortunately, there is such an enormous need and not enough enforcement, so places like these continue to exist.

Be aware!

The right accommodation can literally mean the difference between success and failure.

Some context: Imagine living in a dirty, dangerous, crime ridden, and constantly noisy environment. You could develop communicable diseases, become a crime victim and most likely never sleep or get any work done. It’s not rocket science to realise how an environment this toxic affects your life and your studies. Choosing the right accommodation is as important as choosing a university and what you will study, possible more!

Research, then choose

Before researching, make a list of what you want and perceive are the most important features of an off-campus accommodation. This may vary slightly for each person. For a start, every list should include answers to these questions:

  1. How far is the accommodation from campus?
  2. Is the area where it’s located safe?
  3. Is the building a safe environment?
  4. What facilities do I need to live a healthy and comfortable life?
  5. What facilities are on offer?
  6. Does the accommodation and the building provide an environment conducive to study and relaxation?
  7. Is the accommodation reasonable for what they provide?
  8. Are off campus places to study, relax and have fun close by?
  9. Are there a variety of places close by that employ students?
  10. What do other students say about this accommodation?

Answering these requires research. The best advice we can offer is take the time to get the research done – it’s worth it. Make a comparative list of different accommodations with answers to the top questions and the others you have added.

tSet the bar

When comparing things, we like to set the bar and compare others to that bar. While doing research for this article, that’s what we did. After answering all the questions above and adding our niche requirements, it makes the most sense to choose The Fields in Hatfield (1078 Burnett Street).

So why The Fields?

  1. Are you a germophobe or clean-freak? The Fields is spotlessly clean and excellently maintained. We also have an on-site laundromat with easy to use and affordable washers and dryers.
  2. Perhaps you have been a victim of crime. Even if you haven’t you want to feel safe. The Fields offer biometric access, 24-hour security and a CCTV system for peace of mind.
  3. Wanting to live alone or have a roommate. The Fields offers both these options and includes a variety of options from Bachelor to 3bedroom apartments and also, a unique apartment building called Howzit Hilda with various private flat options.
  4. Do you like sharing a bathroom with lots of other residents? Thought not! At The Fields each apartment has a modern and private kitchen and bathroom.
  5. Interior décor your thing? We offer you the option of a furnished or unfurnished apartment.
  6. Social butterflies? This is your kind of heaven. A walking time of 10 minutes to shops, restaurants, coffee shops and student hangouts.
  7. Virgin Active gym is a few steps away and the campus sports fields less than 2kms away. So for the gym and sports fanatics we have that covered at The Fields.
  8. Why stress about paying utility bills. At The Fields, water is included in the monthly cost and each apartment has its own prepaid electricity meter. This is perfect! Buying electricity with your phone app.
  9. WiFi, WiFi, WiFi – free uncapped WiFi is available. Now you don’t need to recharge your data which is painful and expensive.

The Fields accommodation coveres all of your needs and wants. The cherry on top, the excellent rates . So make your list, check out The Fields and choose wisely.

Here’s hope this post has conveyed how important it is to select the right off campus accommodation.  Remember, where you choose to live can be the difference between success and failure and failure at university will affect your entire life. Contact us now via email, phone 012 362 5570012 362 4504 or WhatsApp and let one of our knowledgeable and helpful assistants answer your questions.

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