What are the Major Causes of Student Stress

April 12, 2021

It is no secret that stress has a negative impact on our lives, no matter the level.

What are the Major Causes of Student Stress

When it comes to student stress alone, studies report a dramatic increase over the last ten years. These reports suggest that university stress has become the primary reason for students battling depression and anxiety and why some are lured by the illusion that alcohol and drugs can act as remedies.

But if stress causes all these serious issues and addictions, then the question is, what causes stress?

Here is our list of the three major causes for student stress.

Time management

Our generation, especially, has not been instructed in time management. Some might say that time has actually been managed for them.

During the informative years of a student’s schooling career, they are guided into a routine of showing up to class, doing what they’re supposed to do, and then leave. But after graduating, they head to university, are dropped off, and expected to begin managing their time effectively despite never having learned how to.

Sudden independence is a real challenge for students who are not groomed for it properly, and it has resulted in extreme measures of stress that only grows depending on how severe a student’s schedule becomes.

For parents looking to send their children to university, we suggest helping them learn time management beforehand. Do this and watch how much better they cope in their new journey of adulthood.


As university fees increase, so does the financial burden of education. As the burden gets heavier, mental health dangers start to grow as stress does.

To some families the burden is light but to others ensuring that their child receives a tertiary education brings about high levels of stress which, in most cases, the student inherits.

Families obviously want their kids to be successful in their independent life, but given the fact that investing in a child’s education is no small matter, parents generally expect a return on that investment. Young people often feel this pressure.

Parents, protect your child from your own stress. Find that balance of impressing upon them the importance of education but that worrying about the financial aspect of receiving an education is not on them.

The concept of ‘ignorance is bliss’ would be incredibly beneficial to your child in this case and would most likely help them succeed in their studies more so if they had one less thing to worry about.

Who they are

The process of students wondering who they are is a physiological development that often begins after high school, resulting in increased student stress if who they are isn’t aligning with who their parents, friends, and teachers tell them to be.

Students also have a lot of expectations put on them, and not just from parents and friends, but internally as well.

These expectations can look like being a straight-A student, which is enormous pressure which would impact negatively on a student’s identity.

Parents help your children discover who they are without any pressure of doing so at a certain pace. Part of being an individual is autonomy, and if we’re conducting our tasks free of other people’s projections, we tend to perform way better than we would otherwise.

To be comfortable in our own skin is a rare privilege in the modern-day world. In order to make living in the modern-day world easier, let us help each other get there through acceptance, support, understanding, patience, and most importantly, love.

Feel at home

Studies show that the amount of cooperation and overall morale of an environment will affect the stress levels of a person significantly. The more positive the organisational climate is, the less stress a person will have to contend with.

This concept is something that we are very conscious of and what motivates us towards providing the most positive environment for our students possible. How we have accomplished this is simple:

We’ve ensured that The Fields is peaceful and safe and we have gone out of our way to offer facilities that assist our students in their daily endeavours. Our students have access to nearby shops, a gym an on-site restaurant and now a laundromat on your doorstep.

We also want our students to get the most out of their studies, which is why we have made sure that you get free uncapped WiFi and that you can enjoy comfort and security within your own private rooms. But if you want to share a room, we offer this too.

The Fields is within easy walking distance of the University of Pretoria and in close proximity to other tertiary institutions.

Have you been stressing about where you’ll stay while you study? Sign up now and stress no more… The Fields has you covered.

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