The Importance of Regular Sleep as a Student

March 26, 2021

Sleep is one of our body's strongest allies.

The Importance of Regular Sleep as a Student

It can lift your mood, improve your thinking and your memory. It reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure. What’s more is that sleep helps boost your immune system too.

This is why we love sleep and why we’ve put this article together: we want to help you understand why sleep is so important and why it is beneficial for not only your journey as a young student but as an adult taking on the world.

How long should a student sleep?

Studies show that adults should be sleeping seven to nine hours a night, while teenagers need slightly more: eight to ten hours a night, the lucky rascals!

The problem with not keeping to these very requirements is the tolls that are taken on multiple aspects of a person’s life. For example, sleep is crucial for your mind to form and consolidate memories… No wonder you always ‘forgot’ to do your homework back in high school.

What else happens if you’re not getting enough sleep?

A lack of sleep could also affect your creativity and problem-solving ability. This can obviously hurt your performance as a student studying or working.

Without enough sleep, you might even feel irritable or not yourself, as sleep helps with mood and emotion regulation: this will have a negative effect on your social life.

So the next time you and your bestie end up in a fight, just stop, breathe and the both of you go and take a nap… you will thank us later.

Want to stay young?

When you’re not getting enough sleep, stress hormones are released inside your brain, leading to you looking way older than you truly are!

Oh, so that got your attention? Well, then it seems like tonight is an early night for you

We don’t want you looking haggard, let alone feeling it. So give yourself the sleep your body needs every night.

Worrying about your weight?

What also tends to occur from a lack of sleep is an intense craving for high fat and high carbohydrate foods, leading to weight gain and low energy and the added stress when you’re required to perform your daily tasks.

If you’ve found yourself in this vicious cycle, simply get back into the habit of regular sleep each night and watch the difference it makes in your life. This is why we love sleep: we’re not lifting a finger and so much is being added to our well-being.

Sleep is an added way to your happiness

By now, we know you get the picture – sleep is important because your happiness is. At The Fields, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you stay happy while you conduct your studies while staying with us.

This is why we encourage early nights and early mornings. We want you to get the sleep your body needs and to get as much out of the day as possible because, at The Fields, there is so much to enjoy, like:

A community of students, some nearby shops, a gym, and an on-site restaurant. There is also free uncapped WiFi. But perhaps put the phone away before bed so that your body gets the rest it needs.

And did we mention that students get their own rooms too? Furnished or unfurnished rooms, you can have a room all to yourself, or perhaps share it with your bestie? The choice is yours.

Sign up now and find out why The Fields is a student’s home away from home.

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