Where can I Exercise in Pretoria?

March 19, 2021

Sun's out, so you should be out

Where can I Exercise in Pretoria?

Here’s something you already know but probably refuse to admit: regular exercise is good for you! Exercise is a great way to not only stay fit and strong, but healthy: both physically and emotionally. Here’s another fun fact: staying active regularly lowers the risk of you ever getting heart disease by 35%.

The list of why exercise is so important is endless, but luckily for you, our list of where to exercise in Pretoria isn’t. Here are our top three recommendations of where to break a sweat and stay strong.

Ever consider the outdoors as your natural and most affordable solution to getting fit?

Taking to the outdoors is our first suggestion to where you can exercise in Pretoria: there’s no easier way to do cardio than simply stepping out your front door and taking a brisk walk or casual run down the road.

And in case you’re wondering what’s happening to you while you’re staying active, take note of how your heart rate goes up. The faster your heart beats, the more blood is pumped to your muscles, making them stronger. And since your heart is a muscle too, it gets stronger as well.

So when the sun’s out, put on your running shoes, bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated, and enjoy nature’s sweet caress while you give your body the exercise it needs and undoubtedly deserves.

The sun’s gone, though….

So you’re reading this blog feeling amped to go outside and do some exercise? Except on your way out, you look out the window and find a dreary, wet, perhaps windy setting that you conveniently decide is the perfect excuse to head back to the couch and nibble on some snacks while you watch murder-documentaries on Netflix.

Well, we got you covered with our second recommendation for getting that ‘lekker bod’ you’ve always dreamed of: resistance cables!

Resistance WHAT?

Resistance cables are the perfect solution to wanting to exercise when the weather is bad or when your limited funds aren’t allowing you to open up a gym contract. These flexible weights have proven that they can achieve the same result as normal weights, but with the added benefit of portability and low-impact training that reduces the pressure on your joints. Oh, and did we mention that they’re affordable too?

And lastly,

If you’re a student living at The Fields and wondering where you can exercise in Pretoria, look no further than on your doorstep. That’s right! We’re walking distance away from a Virgin Active that has everything you need to stay fit, healthy, and strong: from durable equipment to safe and commercial facilities, with the added-bonus of showers, a heated sauna, and a 15×5 metre pool.

But there’s more!

Getting ahead in your studies takes more than just shoving information into your brain all day, but keeping your mind sharp. Exercise does this.

And any student looking for privacy and support will find it at The Fields; we have a wide range of rooms ideal for students looking to stay productive. You can stay alone or share your room; choose from furnished or unfurnished apartments, the choice is yours. And the best part is you can enjoy free uncapped WiFi.

Ready to find out why The Fields is a student’s home away from home? Sign up now.

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