How to keep yourself motivated and continue your studies

March 16, 2021

Alright, so instead of knuckling down and getting through your studies, you're on the web reading this blog? Well, that's awesome, because we get it!

How to keep yourself motivated and continue your studies

Studying is not fun, but do these requirements for a great end-year result have to become the bane of our existence?

Do they have to be tedious and boring, or could they become fun once we change our mindset?

Why are you struggling to get motivated in the first place?

Life is full of reasons to get out of bed. The problem is our minds work against us by concealing these reasons when it should be presenting them to the forefront of our thoughts every time we wake up, giving us an insatiable lust for life that keeps us happy and productive.

So why doesn’t it?

The answer to that is because we don’t let it. We’re generally too focused on matters that demotivate us, that stop us from knowing how to reduce stress in our lives. We’re convincing ourselves that we’re either not good enough to succeed, therefore should rather seek out meaningless pursuits, or that ultimately, whatever we’re trying to achieve is a waste of time.

With that in mind, here’s step 1of how to stay motivated during your studies:

Step 1: Master your thoughts

It was a roman philosopher that once said, “happiness is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

We stand behind this belief whole-heartily and maintain that if you’re happy, if you’re enjoying your life because of the state of your thoughts and not your circumstance, staying productive will be easy.

It is as simple as recognising the benefits of gaining knowledge in order to improve performance and ability that make studying enjoyable and sometimes exciting: because you know that the more you know, the better equipped you are to succeed in life and the faster it will be to achieve your dreams.

That’s why you’re studying, right? To achieve your dreams. Well, master your thoughts and you’ll achieve them.

Step 2: Small victories, huge gains

Did you know that we’re constantly teaching our brains things about ourselves? For example, we teach our brains how much we can personally achieve, how great our potential extends to, and what others think of us.

If this is true, why not focus on teaching your brain things that improve your abilities and make you unstoppable in society?

One way to do this is by gaining small victories every day. Start by seeing to your daily responsibilities like making sure your bed is made after waking up, watering the plants before you leave the house, and cleaning your dirty dishes after every meal.

It may seem trivial, but once you keep the routine up, you’ll start feeling a sense of achievement cultivate inside of you. This is called serotonin boosts in the brain, and while you see to gaining these boosts by accomplishing small victories, activating motivation to study becomes automatic.

Step 3: Love yourself

Step 3 is very straightforward, but sadly, it is often the hardest to do; love yourself. You’re worth having success in your life, as you are deserving of a fulfilling life. But to have all of these, you need to start with yourself.

Stop worrying about where you’ve been, who is in your life, or who is not. Focus, instead, on you, on loving who you are, who you’re becoming, and what you’re capable of doing. Love yourself enough to go and find out how capable you are if you don’t already know. You deserve more than allowing negative thoughts to rule your life and steal away your motivation to succeed.

We understand, we get it:

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