How to overcome loneliness as a student

March 02, 2021

What this stress has a knack for doing is causing doubt to settle inside our minds, making us fearful and generating the crushing feeling of loneliness.

How to overcome loneliness as a student

We all know that leaving the nest, stepping foot on new soil, and facing the daunting terrain of the unfamiliar can create huge amounts of stress – especially if you’re the type of person who feels more comfortable around places and people you know.

If that’s you, or you’re just wondering how to help a lonely student that you know, have a look at our five practical steps to overcoming loneliness and gaining what you, or that lonely student most probably long for but doubt you could have; a sense of peace and belonging.

You’re not alone

But first, have you ever wondered, ‘am I lonely’ or ‘how do I connect with people?’ Or at the very least, have you ever considered if you’re the only one dealing with loneliness?

Before we cover our five practical steps of helping you through the dark hallways of abandonment and into the ever frightening but ultimately rewarding light of fulfilment through community, we want you to understand this simple truth: you’re not alone! And here’s why:

They’re out there

While you’re aimlessly roaming around campus or lying upside down on your couch thinking ‘why is it so hard to form a genuine connection’ your future best friend is probably comfort-eating near you thinking the same thing!

You’re human, and what all humans have in common is a deep longing for community: or as it’s called these days – a squad, a ride or die, a fellow matey thrilled by the idea of hoisting sail into the dawn, living off rum, and pillaging the seven seas with another inner pirate.

Our 5 steps:

Now that you know that you’re not truly alone, the question remains; where are these renegade Han-riding-Solos, and how do I find them?

Step 1. Be brave

Ever bump into someone by chance, where a random conversation is struck, where one of you suggests getting a bite to eat some time? Except ‘some time’ never happens? Well, there’s your chance.

Make that ‘some time’ happen, and make it happen now!

So many missed opportunities occur because of our fear of rejection, so don’t let fear control you. Instead, be brave, and go for it.

Step 2. Prioritise quality over quantity

When you’re alone scrolling through social media, seeing people posting pictures of ALL their friends, do you start feeling a heightened sense of loneliness?

Give yourself a break; one friend is enough.

All you need is one solid connection! Because funny enough, people can still feel lonely amidst a crowd of people but will find it much harder to be on the outskirts while engaged in an activity or conversation with a single quality friend.

Step 3. Forget similarities

As you already know, we’re human, which means we’re the same to some degree. So stop worrying about whether or not people will share the same interests as you, but instead, find people who are just comfortable being around you, who’d be happy to go on some adventure with you, big or small. And who knows, their interest could become yours. The possibilities that stem from openness are endless.

Step 4. Express yourself creatively

When it comes to overcoming loneliness, sometimes being around people isn’t the solution – sometimes the way to true happiness is discovering your own creative outlet.

That’s right! Find what makes you excited, and throw yourself into it!

If you’re feeling lonely, maybe you’re just in a creative rut? Maybe what you need is to devote your time and energy to a project that fills you with life and purpose.

When you’re doing what you love, the smiles come easy, and the feeling of jubilation is constant.

Step 5. And lastly, be generous 

You might feel different than everyone else, but who is to say that’s a bad thing?

The things that make you different are exactly what this world needs – so showcase it by giving your talents, your time, and your energy to those around you.

What you’ll find, after adopting a mindset of generosity, is that suddenly, you’ve formed not just one connection, but many.

And since we wrote it, we live it!

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